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A Journey to God

Reflections on the Hikam of Ibn Ata'illah

Jasser Auda


120 pages / Published: 2017


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The ultimate yearning of the human soul is to return to its Lord in a state where He is pleased with His servant and the servant is pleased with their Master. This book offers unique insights to prepare you for the journey to God through the wisdom of the great spiritual master Ibn Ata'illah al-Iskandari as expounded in his masterpiece al-Hikam. This is the ultimate quest of the human soul; however, without knowledge of the spiritual path, the journey will be more challenging and full of obstacles. This book covers various topics on what can be learnt to make the journey such as: improving you character, becoming aware of and concerned with the spirit and the feelings of the heart, discovering your faults and shortcomings, humbling yourself and concentrating in your prayers.


Jasser Auda




Professor Jasser Auda is a scholar of Islamic law and thought. He is the President of Maqasid Institute Global, a think tank with educational and research projects in a number of countries, and Al-Shatibi Chair for Maqasid Studies at the International Peace College in South Africa. He is a Founding and Board Member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, an Executive Member of the Fiqh Council of North America, a Member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, and a Fellow of the Fiqh Academy of India. He has a PhD in the philosophy of Islamic law from the University of Wales, UK, and a PhD in systems analysis from the University of Waterloo, Canada.


A Journey to God










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"This is on another level"

2018-02-20 10:56:55

This isn't a "How To" book as such, it's more of a gateway through which you enter in order to step closer towards God and the book, even the spiritual journeying itself, is by no means linear. As Dr. Auda pointed out, the journey to God is circular and in fact an upward spiral. You begin at one point, ending at another only to start all over again except hopefully you restart at a higher level than before.

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"Fantastic Book, not yet finished"

2018-02-20 10:56:20

Really good book. Have not finished reading it yet because of the amount of reflection needed for every chapter. Must buy.

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"Wonderful, short, simple and yet profound"

2018-02-20 10:44:58

Dr. Auda has taken very old Islamic wisdom and translated it into layman's terms for the masses. You don't need to be a world renowned Sheikh to understand the simple and yet at once profound messages contained therein. All you need to do is take time for an often forgotten and very important act of worship - reflection.

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